Training Pricing


Training Fees

  • $2,400 USD per day training fee

  • $1,000 USD per day Seneca Search training fee

  • $50 USD per diem per day, $25 USD prorated per diem per half a day

  • Reimbursement for airfare and hotel costs associated with training (A service fee for the travel agency may apply)

  • Additional $600 USD travel day fee for all trips that include over 8 hours of travel (Fee waived if two or more consecutive days are scheduled in the same region).

  • International Travel Fee may apply-please consult the NIPFC Coordinator about this if you are located outside of the United States.

To ensure travel is available and to get the best rate possible, we request trainings are confirmed 4 weeks in advance. However, we are able to schedule training after this point but may need to charge your agency reimbursement of change fees assessed by outside entities.

Technical Assistance

  • $300 USD per hour conference call

  • $300 USD per hour plus $50 USD per diem, hotel and airfare (if required) for onsite consultation

Consultation for coordination and planning training is included in training fees. Additional consultation in person and by phone is available. See training menu above for possible topics for consultation.