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Seneca Family of Agencies

Over the past 25 years, Seneca has established itself as an innovative leader in the provision of unconditional care, creating a comprehensive continuum of community-based and family-focused treatment services for children and families who often have no other alternative to long-term institutionalization. Seneca’s continuum of care includes: in-home wraparound; foster family-based treatment; mobile crisis response; integrated day treatment and special education services; after-school therapeutic recreation programming; public school-based mental health services; and home-like residential treatment. Seneca is also proud of our conservative approach to the use of psychotropic medication in the treatment of children in all of our programs; psychotropic medications are considered a last resort if other treatment methods have not been effective on their own. In 2011, Seneca merged with Kinship Center which has built a strong reputation as a kinship-care and adoption program, training over 7,000 professionals nationally on adoption and permanency.

Seneca developed its Unconditional Care clinical practice model, which is described in Unconditional Care: Relationship-Based, Behavioral Intervention with Vulnerable Children and Families (published by Oxford University Press in 2010), because no other evidence-based practice addressed the needs of the high-needs children we serve. These are often children who have been institutionalized for so long that they are completely disconnected from potential natural supports and youth with multiple traumatic experiences of severe loss and relentless family disruption and therefore require a close and continuous integration of relational, behavioral and ecological approaches to assessment and intervention. The most crucial components of the ecological approach are Family Finding and permanency. The enduring success of any other intervention relies capitalizing and leveraging family strengths to create resilient and enduring support networks for children and their families.


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Kinship Center

Kinship Center builds adoptive and other families where children can heal from past abuse or neglect and grow to healthy adulthood. They help 2,500 children each year, mostly those whom many others consider too difficult: severely traumatized children, older teenagers, children with disabilities, large sibling groups, and drug affected infants. Every child deserves a family, and Kinship Center makes it happen.