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Every child has a family, and they can be found if we try


What is NIPFC?

The mission of the National Institute for Permanent Family Connectedness is to advance permanency for all children and youth, with Family Finding as a core strategy and a method that adds value to service systems. Every child has a family, and family members can be found when we try. Loneliness can be devastating, even dangerous, and is experienced by most children in out of home care. The single factor most closely associated with positive outcomes for children is meaningful, lifelong connections to family. Training may be designed to target specific areas of concern or to sustain learning in established practices. Consultation services offer specific approaches to meet the critical challenge of achieving timely permanency for all who are served.

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NIPFC provides training, coaching, and implementation support to the staff of child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health, and disability services organizations. Court systems and community partners are included in our training, which is focused on permanency and lifelong connections.


Training Menu

A list of pre-designed trainings, ranging from an introductory to expert level.


One on one, or group, consultations to discuss and hone practice.


Not quite what you’re looking for? NIPFC will listen and create a customized training scope for your agency.


Seneca Search Services

NIPFC is the first non-profit to offer customized internet search services, and was presented before the United States Senate during the legislative hearing process for the Fostering Connections to Success Act. Using internet Search engines, an experienced search agent accesses multiple premium search databases to provide a customized search report with the most comprehensive information available.

We strive to deliver the highest quality of customized search services available and offer them at a non-profit price.


Resources and Publications

Find articles and research publications written by experts, including our team, to help supplement your practice. Don’t forget to look at our online trainings and webinars.


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Did you know that NIPFC has a Blast? What about a podcast? Well we do, and you should take a look, and a listen, to find out more about how the field of permanency is evolving.